Mineral Plus

With Shinsuke Mineral plus you ‘ll get the waterquality of a real mudpond.

Koi in a Japanese mudpound get a lot of natural minerals, wich very often are missing in a concrete pond. These minerals provide better growth , good structure and a healthy immune system . Shinsuke Mineral Plus also ensures the colors of the Koi come up well. Shinsuke Mineral Plus is a mixture of natural minerals and trace elements, but it’s most unique by the extra micro minerals. The recipe is topsecret! Add Shinsuke Mineral Plus to your pond and dicover the difference! All the necessary, concentrated minerals for your pond!


We experimented with our Shinsuke Mineral Plus at five koi farms and results were excellent. After four to six weeks the SUMI on both Showa and Shiro varieties improved. This was even though we developed Shinsuke Mineral Plus not for SUMI, but for it to produce the best environment by improving water quality.


Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information about the Sinsuke Koi Products.